Rio Blanco County is building state of the art broadband roads to serve businesses and residents.  But just like County road department doesn’t deliver packages, we’re not going to deliver data packets.  These service providers are the UPS and FedEx of your new 21st century broadband highways:


High Speed Internet has Arrived!

The County continues to build the network but fiber is already lit in some neighborhoods.
Call Cimarron or Local Access Internet to see if you can get hooked up.
Don’t live where the fiber passes your house? The County’s wireless implementation is under way.
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Your County Government and their Partners are investing millions of dollars to make Communications and the Internet work better throughout the county.  Stay tuned for more info and sign up to get notified when new services are available.


Drop Schedule

All construction dates are estimates. Construction date estimates are updated weekly.


  • Each town has two sections – “Scheduled in the Next Two Weeks” and “All Addresses”
    • The “Scheduled in the Next Two Weeks” section should be used to identify near-term construction
    • The “All Addresses” section includes completed addresses as well as pending
  • All four sections have the same columns:
    • RecNo: a reference number CFC uses to track the records
    • Address: the street address
    • Cable: the cable the address is found on
    • Handhole: the handhole the address is found on; typically we will build all pending orders at a given handhole at the same time
    • Status: there are three possible status entries:
      • No Order: there is currently no order placed against this address and no drop will be built unless an order is placed before we build the cable and handhole
      • Needs Construction: there is an order placed but construction is not complete
      • Built: a drop has been placed at this address
    • Days Out: projected number of days before drop construction is complete; NOTE: construction date estimates are based on handholes – in cases where construction remediation is required, the data on this page will not be valid; please coordinate special construction needs with CFC representatives
  • Use CTRL+F to find an address

Meeker Scheduled in the Next Two Weeks

All Meeker Addresses

Rangely Scheduled in the Next Two Weeks

All Rangely Addresss

For more information, Please see the following resources:

Contact Colorado Fiber Community

For more information email Alex Telthorst at